The beautiful and intelligent Rashida Jones is on to another project. The actress which we’ve seen in shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Angie Tribeca and others like Cuban Fury and Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Rashida is pretty well known for the talent of being a singer, an acclaimed actress, and a producer and director as well. We definitely know that talent runs in the family but it looks like she’s a bit more complex and more varied than her siblings or parents.

What’s the project that she’ll be working on? A documentary for her legendary father of course!

The Documentary

Rashida Jones is set to join Alan Hicks in the director’s chair for her father’s documentary.

Now “Quincy” the name of this documentary is set to premiere on September 21.

Rashida is joining as a director, this means that she will be giving a more familiar aspect to this picture and will quite likely make it more realistic than what it already is.

“Quincy” will follow the life of the famous jazz musician Quincy Jones, the documentary is trying to do a mixture of new footage and old ones, trying to show the musical development of the artist.

The daughter of the legendary producer and now director said in an interview for Time’s Up PSA that “It’s rare that somebody who has lived as much life as my dad is still interested in growing and knowing the next generation. He is such a man of action and accomplishments, but we were so lucky to spend real time with him, to let him reflect on life and the larger picture. I feel honored to be able to share that with audiences all over the world.”

Who is Quincy?

Quincy Jones is a composer, director, music arranger and legendary American music producer.

His areas of musical interest include R&B and jazz, with a frequent tendency to mix them, he is also an occasional trumpet and piano player and singer, his extensive career includes recordings with Frank Sinatra and he has also composed film soundtracks, being the first African-American composer to do so.

More on the film

But he is mostly remembered as the producer of Michael Jackson’s most successful albums Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad. He was also the producer of the song “We Are the World”. He has received the Grammy Legend Award, Kennedy Award, National Medal of Arts and Legion of Honor, among other distinctions.

Showing the strong connection between the actress and his father, we get a glimpse of the familiar feeling that this film will have, she also revealed details in which the film will show the characteristics of Quincy with fellow artists such as Michael Jackson, Oprah, Will Smith and more.

The VP of original documentaries for Netflix, Lisa Nishimura, said that “It’s a rare opportunity to be able to present the definitive story of someone who has for over seven decades, not just influenced, but altered the course of culture, Combining his God-given creative gift with a near maniacal work ethic, Quincy Jones has done just that, marshalling every expression of the arts to their full potency resulting in everything from “Thriller” to The Color Purple.”