Bigger is better has been the norm for most celebs in Hollywood. Over the years, some of the biggest and fanciest homes have belonged to the celebs. Many of these homes cost millions of dollars and the annual tax alone is often over $100,000 a year. In addition, there is the cost of maintenance, security, and employees, which can easily cost several million a year.

But this is not a big deal for celebs who make $10 million per movie. However, over the past decade, many celebs have been downsizing and live in regular sized homes without any fancy excesses or swimming pools larger than Rodeo Drive. In fact, some of newer generation of celebs are now living in small condos and tiny homes, that barely cost more than a few hundred thousand dollars.

Here is a list of celebs with small homes; either they do not have regular screen appearances or are just trying to save money so that one day they can own something bigger.

1. Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser from Mad Men probably wins the award for the celeb living in the smallest home. He has a 580-square foot cabin with just an elevated bed and a coffee table. Looks like he will not be inviting anyone to his home for some time.

Vincent Kartheiser

2. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson used to live in a huge mansion, but after splitting from Kristen Stewart, he downsized to a modest 2 bedroom home overlooking the Hollywood Hills. The home has great outdoors with colorful flowers. Just the perfect place to get away from the Hollywood crowd.

Robert Pattinson

3. Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson has not made it big in Hollywood and currently lives in a boutique New York City duplex. To live in this home means being creative with the storage spaces. She has masterfully utilized every inch of the duplex and made it just the perfect home for a single female.

Charlotte Ronson

4. Kesha

Kesha lives in Venice Beach, CA and has managed to buy a small bungalow which is only 1,400 square feet. While it is not big on space, it is superb in style. She has tastefully decorated the home with furniture from years past.


5. Ellen Pompeo

Finally, there is Ellen Pompeo, the star of Grey’s Anatomy. She hated the noise and commute while living in LA and so made a home in a trailer. But this is no ordinary trailer, she has converted it into a beautiful room with posh elegance, which is her home when she is making movies.

Ellen Pompeo