These days getting divorced in Hollywood is not a big deal at all. People get married one week and the next month they divorce. Among the younger generation of celebs, a marriage lasting more than 3 years is a novelty.

People break up for many reasons. Some marry for fame, others for good looks and others for money- and in each case, if there is no mutual affection- that marriage won’t last. However, there are some marriages in Hollywood that have lasted at least a decade and going strong.

Here is a list of Hollywood celebs who know the trick of making a marriage work.

1. Jamie Lee Curtis & Christopher Guest

Jamie Lee Curtis has been married to Christopher Guest for more than 4 decades. The two have also adopted two kids and the family is always together. Recently Jamie Lee said about her marriage, “I’ve always put my family first, and that’s just the way it is.” the other great thing about J’aime Lee is that she is down to earth and a very pleasant person.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest

2. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson married in 1988 and the two are inseparable. The one key feature about Tom is that he is a very private person. Very rarely does he interact with others and prefers to spend time with his family.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Recently he stated, “No journalist has ever been in my house, and no photographs have ever been taken of where I live. I don’t parade my family out for display, which is the way it will stay.” Good for him.

3. Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick got married in 1988 and have two children. Kevin has always made it a point to make his family his priority. Kyra also feels that the less they interact with the Hollywood crowd, the better it is for the family.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

On her marriage, she said, “After 14 years, it better be a real marriage, you know? We do have a great time together. We are really lucky.

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4. Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan

Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan also got married in 1988 when Michael was on top of the world. The two have had a solid marriage with four children.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

Even though Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson disease in the late 90s, Tracy has always been there for him. On the subject of family, Michael recently stated, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

5. Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates

Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates make a great couple. They got married in 1989 and have two children. Kevin has kept his married life private and very little is known about his daily life. When asked why his marriage has worked, Kevin recently said,  “I don’t like talking about myself. I don’t like talking about my personal life.”

Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates

6. Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw

Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw met each other when he was the director of the Indiana Jones movie, Temple of Doom in 1991. They have 7 kids ( 5 of their own and one child each from a prior marriage) and very rarely do they do things without the entire family.

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

When asked about his family bond, Spielberg said, “I love my kids as individuals, not as a herd – and I do have a herd of children. I have seven kids.”

7. John Travolta & Kelly Preston

John Travolta & Kelly Preston have been married for more than 3 decades. Despite all the media reports that John is gay, it appears that he may be bisexual. The couple has 3 kids and live a life of pure bliss and luxury.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

When John was asked about his marriage, he stated, “I’ve always thought of a relationship with an actor to an audience as a marriage. And a story. And there are ups and downs, and you work through them, and you work with them.”

This is just a partial list of celebs who have made their marriage work; there are quite a few more.