Joe Chacon


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  • Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)


Joe Chacon was born and raised in the San Fernando valley, CA; in a rough area were gangs were a problem. His father made sure he stayed away from gangs and trouble by keeping him active in sports and the martial arts all throughout his child, adolescence and young adulthood. He taught him that hard work and responsibility will take you far in life. Joe had plenty of role models to look up to through immediate relatives due to the fact that his Aunts and uncles were all professionals. Joe was always an expressive and artistic individual growing up. In his early adult years, Joe had a promising career in the united states Air Force as a Fighter pilot, it’s all he ever thought and dreamed of since his childhood. Right after high school, he was accepted and Attended the Air Force ROTC program at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and under went his training and transition from civilian to military personnel . In hopes to become a fighter pilot. But despite his desire to be a fighter pilot there was still an itch of his artistic abilities to be scratched, for some reason he felt the military lifestyle wasn’t his purpose in life. Losing his eyesight was the lick of the envelope that sealed the deal to alter his career endeavors; due to the reason that to qualify as pilot you need 20/20 vision. Joe turned all energy and discipline to his artistic and expressive characteristics after the upsetting news of not being able to further pursue his military career . After much debate with his father, Joe knew that his other burning desire as an actor was not possible living under the same household. Being diligent and passionate about the craft of acting, Joe started studying the art of acting, later on booking co-starring roles on FX network’s hit drama show “The Shield”, several National commercials for: ” Project Safe Neighborhood, K-Swiss Shoes and Miller Lite beer”. He then landed a role in Nick Broomfield’s controversial Iraq War Docudrama “Battle For Haditha”, where he filmed in Amman, Jordan over in the middle east.



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  • Shine

    Drama, Music

    8.9 /10

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Shine (2017)